flowers: sakura/ cherry blossom ii

Another aka cherry blossom :) These are definitively some of my favourite flowers! So I devote quite some to the finding and pleasant paper folding of them. These were diagramed by 川崎敏和 /KAWASAKI Toshikazu in his book 折り紙夢WORLD, 花と動物編 /Origami Yume World, Hana to Doubutsu hen, aka Origami Dream World, Flowers and Animals Volume. Of course you will find much more nice diagrams: I’m eager to try a simple rose, a camellia and some lovely animals such as a butterfly and a sparrow and basically all the other models in the book…

sakura/ cherry blossons iii

These beauties are very easy to make. They have little use other than contemplation but I definitively won’t complain! :) The white one was made from 4×4 cm and the bigger, red, one from 7 cm square paper (approximately 1.6 and 2.8 inches). For me as usual the tiniest the cuter they are! :D Another note: the author of these flowers also made the somehow famous sakuradama (not in this book, though) so these are a good start for the sakuradama since the joining method is the same and there are similar folding steps.


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