Mother’s day, origami and a bit of improvisation…

As one would expect I forgot about Mother’s day. I knew it was coming but on the day before and the day itself I totally forgot. So when my mother visited me on Sunday I was completely clueless. And I stayed that way even after she mentioned Mother’s day and stuff. When it hit me I panicked a bit and turned to origami to find a somehow decent present for my mum. I remembered that a friend had sold a rose and an origami box to a friend of his for a present so I stuck with that, after all I have lots of roses folded just waiting for me to give them a use…
Then it came the hard part: find a box bigger than the rose; with my “let’s do small origami cause it’s so fun” I couldn’t find a box. Panic moment number 2 for an instant and then I decided to do my own box. I remembered a box (not modular) by Fuse and started with it right away. After the box was done I sewed, just a little, some parts so that it wouldn’t came apart and though on a way to give it a little bit of colour…


After 5 minutes I had the box ready with a little card on it, too. And I really do think it is cute… My mum liked the box a lot, and the rose too :)
I might add that my mother’s name is Rosa (rose in portuguese) so she really liked the paper rose. I just pity that I didn’t had a beautiful pink rose done, rosa in portuguese also means pink… But all ended well and that’s good!

the box, with some colour and the card :)

the box, with some colour and the card :)

The white thing you see in the lace is glue; it becomes transparent when dry but I made the box, took a couple of pictures and then gave it to my mother. It was all kind of in a flash…


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