Some people know that I went on a 2 week long vacation to my parents house. Without internet. Strangely enough I didn’t miss internet that much; ok, at 21, 22 o’clock I generally wished I had 20 to 30 minutes to chat with my friends, see e-mails and stuff. But nothing other than that. It actually surprised me.

I also noticed that Spring has arrived, in spite of the cold weather:

peach blossom

pear blossom


The first photo is a peach blossom, the second a pear blossom and the third marigold. All from my parent’s garden. I also noticed that all of my flowers, they’re three, are alive and well. They shall bloom in June or early July :)

Back to my place, it seems that I will be seeing a lily flower soon. Isn’t Spring beautiful?

Origami? I’m sure you all can wait one more day for an origami update ;)


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  1. Joan Spring Says:

    Just found this Do I need a Website?

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