origami: Kawasaki Rose

For many it’s a famous rose. It’s pretty, easy to fold and anyone should know how to do one. Be it for your sweetheart, for you or just for show it is a lovable rose.

Origami Roses (Kawasaki Rose)

You can find step by step instructions in Oribara Web, in the Rose for Peace project. The Rose for Peace is because this is a Professional High School Project in Fukuyama, a city in the Hiroshima district. Getting the hint? You can get more info about the city in the Fukuyama City site (english). As for the Rose, the page is in japanese but you really have step by step photos and in some “tricky” steps there is a video. All you need to know: yellow line is for valley folds, green line is for mountain folds, blue line identifies the previous creases. Easy? It gets easier; 2 nice buttons take you for the next or the previous step. You have no excuse for not doing a rose!
My advice: the first rose should be done with 15×15 or 20×20 paper. After that you can change sizes and go to 10×10. The smaller I’ve done is 7.5×7.5 and it’s a bit too small. It gets somewhat harder to fold. A 15×15 paper gives you a rose of 4.5×4.5×3.5 (width x length x height).

Edit: all measures in centimetres…


15 Responses to “origami: Kawasaki Rose”

  1. Barbara Pearl y traducción por Dr. Patricia G. Peña Santana Says:

    Dear Friend:
    I loved your website. Thank you for inspiring me to try the K-rose.
    I once had a friend visit from Singapore and he left me a box full of
    these tiny roses. At the time, I just admired them, but now, I am inspired to try it. I work mostly with teachers of young learners from Kindergarten to grade 5 and sometimes middle school. I am always looking for models that they can adapt to the classroom and that are easier to manipulate.
    So the Kawasaki rose will be for me -I have already passed it onto
    a neighbor, another origami enthusiasts and perhaps we will
    try it together-thanks again for your beautiful site and all your
    hard work!!! Arigato gozaimasu.
    Barbara Pearl
    Math in Motion

  2. max Says:

    oh my gosh
    thank you sooooooooooooooooo much
    wanted to fold one for my girlfriend
    now i can
    sooooooooo much easier than all of the other diagrams
    k-rose is soooo much easier with this one
    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
    max carrol

  3. kawasaki Says:

    those are great

  4. matt Says:

    how do you make the base leaves???

    also how do you make a stem with leaves???


  5. KShneider Says:

    Thank you so much for this… I usually can’t fold a simple airplane (lol) but following these diagrams I made the k-Rose!! awesome!

    THX!!! <3

  6. fmatt Says:

    hm, with a little bit of internetting you can easily land the english step-by-step instructions to the rose!

  7. tautang Says:

    Thanks for sharing with us
    I have tried many other site/instructions but this time is a good one.
    Instruction make it possible.

  8. Carissa Says:

    I’ve been trying to find an alternative to fresh flowers for my wedding centerpieces. I really hate silk flowers and have been trying to come up with something as “filler” for what I have already purchased. I finally thought that maybe origami would be the perfect fit. I have never seen this rose before, and now I’m hooked! It will be perfect. I can make many of them in our wedding colors (dark red and aqua) and accent colors and make them big or small! I tried it out first to make sure I could do it, and the instructions were great! They were a little tricky since I didn’t have paper clips handy, but I’m so excited to get working on this. Thanks so much!

  9. Annie Says:

    OMG!! I have been looking for good instructions on the k rose for hours! finally a good one! i was sooo surprised at how good my rose came out, and how i could actually follow the steps! this is amazing.

  10. osvaldo Diaz Says:

    Muy bonito!!! Les invito a visitar mi blog. Yo también colapse esa rosa.
    atte. osvaldo Diaz

  11. kenny Says:

    ok ive known how to do this for years were can i find the hard one were you need to messer angles my computer cant run pdf files so i need a veido thanks

  12. Brii Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful link!!! I couldn’t get it to twist, though, so I went to this video:

  13. elisha Says:

    really the best origami tutorials….thank-you much!

  14. Dynamic Image, Anthony; Animation & Projection. « Reanne Farrell Says:

    […] https://paperunlimited.wordpress.com/2007/03/19/origami-kawasaki-rose/ […]

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