kusudama: japanese traditional

I finally had some time to finish this kusudama. I found some thread and now I’m just looking for a place to hang it :)

japanese traditional origami kusudama

It was made with colored copy paper, with squares of 7,4×7,4 cm; the kusudama has a diameter of almost 11 cm. From 60 petals you form 12 flowers with 5 petals each. If you want to fold one go the the kusudama. This is diagrammed there. I’ve just noticed that the thread doesn’t show on the photo, but believe me: it’s there!


11 Responses to “kusudama: japanese traditional”

  1. Chan Says:

    really well done! ^^ i love the soft colours ^^. but how did you glue it like that mine looks like it has been run over by a car ^^’ could you give me some advice??


  2. Isa Says:

    Ahaha my first looked horrible! don’t you worry ;)
    I glue each of the 60 petals, then I go and glue each of the 12 flowers and finally I glue the flowers together in order to do the kusudama. I use paper clips as an auxiliary to hold the petals and the flowers in the right place untill the glue dries; I think that’s about it… Go to Mio’s site and to a bloom version 4 petals: since there ae only 24 petals it’s a good pratice to form a neat flower kusudama! Hope this helps you out ;)
    Sorry for the delay in answering!

  3. Jeanelle [cat] Says:

    Hi, there’s a tutorial on folding trees : http://foldingtrees.com/2008/11/kusudama-tutorial-part-1/

    Do you know how to fold the petal from a square to a oval 3d petal?

  4. Jeanelle [cat] Says:

    Oh and how long does it take? looks like it will take me… hmm.. lets say 50 months? XD

    I’m making them for the classroom Christmas tree.

  5. jpfruts Says:

    Hello Isa! I want to make this lovely kusudama but it seems I can’t find the diagrams or any video related to it… Would you be so kind to help me please???

  6. takigama janete Says:

    I want to know how do several kusudama

  7. takigama janete Says:

    Eu gostaria de saber onde adquirir livros sobre kusudama

  8. takigama janete Says:

    eu gostaria de saber onde obter livros para montar kusudama

  9. MARIAPIA Says:

    scusatemi non riesco a trovare le istruzioni come fare questo bellissimo kusudama…qualche settimana fa c’erano…help meeee

  10. ss Says:

    fajne mówicie po polsku hello a fakiu huj wam w cipe

  11. Have a merry washi Christmas « Campi di fragole Says:

    […] c’è il mio tutorial per le stelline di carta, qui quello per i fiori, parte di un kusudama tradizionale […]

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