kusudama: bloom version 4 petals

When I finished the japanese traditional I also glued these two. After all they have been folded for quite some time… Once again the kusudama is the place to look for the diagrams! These are type B and type C. I will try other arrangements but right now I have other things I really want to fold! Like another kusudama and some cute animals :)

bloom origami kusudama

bloom origami kusudama

These are small kusudamas: they were made with 7.5 square paper and after glued form a flower cube with sides of 6.5 cm. The centers of the flowers are a little outside the “cube” giving it a rounded form. Each kusudama is made of 4 flowers with 4 petals each in a total of 24 petals. Overall, it’s a pretty kusudama with lots of variations!


4 Responses to “kusudama: bloom version 4 petals”

  1. Kusudama Flower Balls as Decorations Says:

    […] image: Paper Unlimited Origami blog […]

  2. vrinda Says:

    nice kusudama. I would like to make it.

  3. anzu Says:

    hi there,

    could you please give some advice on how to glue the six flowers? I’ve tried it but i can’t manage to form it as a cube.

    thx ^^


  4. Phiona Richards Says:

    Link is gone.

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