origami paper :)

Here’s my newest supply of origami paper. Made in Germany, 250 sheets in 40 colours. 15 cm square paper.

origami paper, single face coloured

It’s a bit expensive and it’s single coloured but it’s still better than nothing… I really wanted real washi, or just chiyogami but that seems quite the deed. At least at a reasonable price. Anyone know a good (and cheap, preferably) european based web-store with chiyogami and washi? Feel free to leave a comment if so! Actually the ideal would be buying from Japan, so if you (also) know where to buy directly from Japan (shipping to Europe, of course) please please say something. I’ll be much obliged! ;)


3 Responses to “origami paper :)”

  1. bruise_pristine_serene Says:

    eu conheço um site com bastantes coisas japonesas, é francÊs. Nunca comprei nada atraves de lá, mas parece-me ter coisas do teu interesse. http://www.junku.fr.

    ps- adoro muito muito muito tudo o que tu fazes vezes mil.

  2. kevin Says:

    hmmm…. i read this post… nice paper… i got some “similar” stuff from germany… what site do you use for getting those papers?
    and as for chiyogami… i find it pretty easy to find chiyogami on ebay .com…
    and this is a site that a colleague of mine showed me, i have yet to try it out though…

    it would be under “japanese papers” i believe they have a massive selection of chiyogami, washi, fiber papers… of all sizes and patterns

  3. LiSchmidgall Says:

    Ola querida
    teu blog é muito fixe mas meu portugues nao es. That the reason I better write in english. The best and cheapest IT-shops for japanese origamipaper I found are: “Viereck Verlag, Freising” and “Miyabi, Bremen” (google them)
    Expensive but very fine to order papers you create individually buy at:
    (I’m not great in technics, so I did not link the adress correctly, but you will manage that.

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