modular origami: sonobe variation/ menko unit

These are made with sonobe units. Not sonobe units like the ones by SONOBE Mitsunobu though; these are by Fuse.

unit cube and composite

The diagram came from an preview: 花まり、布施知子 / Flower Globe, FUSE Tomoko. Each unit is made with 6×12 cm paper and assembling is very fun, as any sonobe! In the book these units are called めんこユニット/ menko unit; these units are introduced as basics to kusudama. Even if you don’t want to make a kusudama you can still enjoy these units by making geometric shapes/ polyhedra.
These were folded from double faced kraft paper: blue on one side and silver on the other and red on one side and gold on the opposite.

Note: this was, more or less, the post that vanished. Or the one I erased and don’t know exactly how…


2 Responses to “modular origami: sonobe variation/ menko unit”

  1. Maria Petrucci Says:

    I want to learn doing this menko! How can I do it?

  2. Rosemary Says:

    I don’t know!!!!!

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