modular origami: sonobe variation 3

I took the name from Mukhopadhyay’s page. The diagram for this sonobe unit is at M. Mukhopadhyay sonobe variarion #3 page. You can also check her main sonobe page for more sonobe variations.

sonobe units polyhedra

The photo contains a cube, from 6 units of 11×11 cm, two red jewels, from 3 units each of 6×6 cm, a golden jewel, from 10×10 cm and a sonobe variation unit, of 10×10 cm paper, without the assemblage creases. Here’s another view:

sonobe units polyhedra

The blue and gold paper, from the cube, as well as the red and gold, from the two smaller jewels, are from regular wrapping paper. The golden jewel is also from wrapping paper: a gold patterned in “lighter gold” sold in ikea. Really pretty and a bit more resistant than the average wrapping paper :)


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