modular origami: unit spiral shell ii

Finaly a new post. However this one has been folded for a while. But I just wanted to throw some fresh air in the blog. Again, another diagram from the Fuse’s book らせんを折ろう.
This spiral shell is made from 4 units and it’s name is actually ユニット巻貝2/ unit spiral shell 2. I haven’t made the first spiral shell that’s why this one make its appearance first.

origami unit shell

Once again this was made with copy paper so the result has plenty of room for improvement. Anyway, it’s a pretty shell, don’t let the photo fool you ;)
If all goes well I will fold this with thin paper soon. And the first version too. This shell has nothing to do with the spiral shellfish. They are actually quite different in folding and in presentation.


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