modular origami: spiral shellfish

I must say I really like Fuse’s diagrams (as if you hadn’t noticed that already…) and this shell is just so easy to fold and results in a very cute “shape”. I mean it’s spiraled, it’s 3D and has that cuteness and beauty of the real shells.

2 origami spiral shellfish

You can find this diagram, once again, in らせんを折ろう/ let’s fold spirals. The white and gold one was the first and was made with 10×10 cm wrapping paper, it results in a 3x3x7 cm shell, approximately. The white was made with a japanese white paper, very thin (I believe it’s between 40 and 60 grams per square meter; so thin that it is slightly transparent) in 16.5 cm squares. This shell is 5.5×5.5×12 cm. Both were made with four units each. Cute is the word of the day! Or perhaps I should say かわいい? :)
Oh the name of this shell is 風化した貝 which I don’t know how to exactly translate so spiral shellfish it is… A note: I think it translates into weathered shellfish but I don’t know if that name is widely known or not so bear with the lame translation.


10 Responses to “modular origami: spiral shellfish”

  1. modular origami: unit spiral shell ii « Says:

    […] « modular origami: spiral shellfish […]

  2. mawar Says:

    Hello :-)

    Hi! I’m mawar. the spiral shell origami was very unique and beautiful Could you share the diagram of the spiral shell with me? I’m new in the origami world. thank you.

  3. tyler Says:

    awesome ive never seen anything like it i would love to have the diagrams to this please share!:)

  4. samiul alam Says:


  5. Sal Ansari Says:

    Hi, Is there any video or Diag for this spiral ?

    I’m in love it and would like some instructions please



  6. Bianca Says:

    Ohh! that shell looks amazing! I wish you could share diagrams…please!!!

    I was looking for shells while searching for something to fold for a project and I found that yours looked more like something you find on the beach.

  7. alex Says:

    i would very much enjoy if u share the diagrams

  8. Momo Says:

    I absolutely LOVE it!!! can you please share the diagram with me?

  9. Stoo Says:

    Hi Isa,
    Ever since I received a shell just like the one above in the mail last year, I’ve been obsessed with it. I just now have come across your beautiful site and would love to know how to do it myself so I can pass on the favor this year for Christmas. You don’t know what it would mean to mean if you could share this diagram for this beautiful shell.

    Thanks in advance,


  10. Selena Suen Says:

    I want a diagram too!!!!! plz!!!!!

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