animals: dog

I’m proud of myself. Yesterday before going to sleep I though «Hmn, I’m gonna try making an origami dog. I’ve never done one before…» and I cut a square of kraft paper and started. 10 minutes later I was thinking «This is easier than I though… The dog is coming along fine, maybe I shouldn’t have used this patterned kraft…» and just a few minutes after I was looking at the dog. Now you take a look at the dog:

origami dog

I think it’s pretty well done. My first dog, the first time I folded this model, not bad at all. Actually when I was cutting the paper I though that I would use this paper because it was easy to fold and if the dog came out so-so I would re-do it in another paper. I might re-do the dog in another paper but just because of the pattern. How many dogs have you seen with a flower pattern? :)
The diagram is from Origami paperowe fantazje and was made from a 30×30 cm kraft paper. The model is 8 cm tall by 16 cm long.
Since I’m completely hooked on modular origami this was a nice break :)


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