traditional: water lily/ lotus flower

Between the plants known as “lotus” there are basically three:
Nuphar Japonica (family: Nymphaeaceae, from Japan)
Nymphaea lotus (zenkeri) (family: Nymphaeaceae, from West Africa)
Nymphaea pubescens (family: Nymphaeaceae, from South-east Asia)

As you can see they all belong to the same family however they diverge in origin, flower and leaves shape and color. Having an aquarium comes in handy sometimes :)
That’s also why there are various names and different diagrams, although similar, for just one flower.

lotus’ flowers/ hasu no hana

lotus’ flowers | 蓮の花/ はすのはな. Diagram in portuguese and japanese (translated from jp by me). Quite understandable even if you don’t understand japanese.
The diagram for these flowers is from a gift to a friend of mine. There’s a little secret in how to make these flowers: you have to hold and adjust the paper while pulling the petals. If you don’t the paper tears. My first flower had only two petals in one piece the rest was all thorned up but at least i understood how to make them :) This trick also applies to the water lily.

water lily/ suiren

Water lily | 睡蓮/ スイレン.
The diagram is from a MOMOTANI Yoshihide (桃谷好英) book. If you don’t open the petals all the way (yellow water lily) it becomes even prettier in my opinion. The leaves also came from this book.


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    Adorei pena que não tem o diagrama e sou muito nova nessa arte. Se possivel mande para meu e mail.

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