kusudama: mosaic box

Another diagram from The kusudama and today’s last post. I’ve just remembered that I have 3 more kusudamas waiting for their share of attention… I have to make a tassel to hang them… Oh, so much to do, so much to fold and so little time :(

mosaic box

This one was also made last night and after the dance of the star. Thanks to this little gem I went to bed later than expected but the result is just so cute :) I just love the way it ended. The photo is too dark but believe my word when I say the result is cute!
This モザイクボックス was made from regular wrapping paper (printed on the other side). The paper was 14×14 cm and this kusudama is 6.5×6.5 tip to tip, the cube is 4x4x4 cm. For this kusudama you need 6 square sheets: 12×12 and bigger sizes are good to fold.


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