kusudama: easy unit

Wow, today it’s a posting day! lol But since these are all already done I can upload the pictures and serve it with some text… All the diagrams come from Mio TSUGAWA site: the kusudama.

12 units (cube)

Twelve units glued together to form a cube. The bigger one was made from 9×9 cm paper and the smaller one (on top of the big one) from 3×3 cm. It was really fun to assemble, especially the small one since you can’t figure out what’s the inside or outside units. These are the second version of my first try since in the first time the paper seemed to be allergic to glue :( the first try is on the upper left corner… Or at least a lil bit of it…

12 units (roundish)

Again twelve units but assembled diferently. This one no longer resemble a cube. I’m never going to use this paper again. It’s really hard to fold neatly and if make a mistake it’s bye bye unit!

30 units

This one really has a nice round shape. The big was my first and the small my second. The bigger was made with 6×6 cm paper and ended with a 12 cm diameter. The smaller one has a diameter of 8cm (paper of 4×4 cm).


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