what’s paper unlimited?

paper unlimited is a blog mainly about origami or paper folding. Why paper unlimited? With origami paper transforms into a dream. It also becomes unlimited as the number of creations you can do with just one simple sheet! This blog is the english origami alias of croquis (my other blog) since not so many people understand portuguese and I really want to brag about my origami foldings :) after all is not fair to keep the good stuff just to ourselves, right?

I’ve first met origami 8 years ago however I stopped. I don’t even remember why, but I just stopped. That is, aside for one little box that I kept folding again and again because it was useful, and the only box I knew how to fold.

Recently a friend received an origami kit and was really excited. And that revived my interest for origami. Since I knew the basic folds and have done the basic of the basic such as cranes, jumping frogs and hearts among some others I tried kusudama. I just wanted to show him that origami could be more than just animals and stars… It could be more fun and challenging and still simple. Now both him and me are just in love with modular origami and kusudama! I still love “simple” origami but modular origami & kusudama have come to stay ;)

Toshikazu Kawasaki's sakuradama

This is a sakuradama (model by KAWASAKI Toshikazu) a nice example of modular origami and kusudamas. Folded by yours truly ;)

By early or mid February expect life in the blog: I’ll have some free time which means new posts!


4 Responses to “what’s paper unlimited?”

  1. Johnny Malone Says:

    I have always been a fan of folding paper particularly making paper airplanes. I started with a software called The Greatest Paper Airplanes published by Kitty Hawk. Unfortunately the software is no longer distributed today. It teaches how to fold 50 different paper airplanes. It’s a good place to start learning origami.

    • Isa Says:

      I have yet to fold a airplane that flies… Yes, true… One of these days I’ll try again: just me, paper, patience and a nice paper air plane diagram! (:

  2. Origami Lover Says:

    Good post. I just found this Origami-inspired Twitter icon at Digg, which you can use on your blog if it is running WordPress.

  3. Waka Says:

    I love the sakuradama! It’s so beautiful, my mother and I make kusudamas but i have not seen that one before, I think it is my new favorite!

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